Street photography in New York City

One year ago last week, I came back to a long lost love of mine, Street photography!  This is the best of the best, and as much as I love to edit and can usually get my images down to a manageable grouping, I could not let any of these go.  I hope that somewhere in here, you can read life within our great city.  This place that has changed quite a bit for me over my lifetime, and yet I felt part of so many new celebrations of life and culture between the two bridges.  I'll be moving out of Chinatown this weekend, but I'll keep the lens always ready, and my eyes sharpened to my new environs in Brooklyn.

I have included links to any corresponding posts that these images individually belong.

Coney Island

The Grand Street Fire

The three images above are from Back in New York City.

The two images above are from Colored Pig Flesh.

End of Summer, last of the street festivals

Making new friends

One thing I forgot I missed...

Fun with fisheye

SantaCon: the quest for St. Nick

Winter in NYC

No Pants Subway Ride

The three images above are from Confetti, everywhere.

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