New pictures from the American West

"Acadia NP", Maine
This is an online version of my portfolio of images from my travels over the summer.  These are all from June through August, 2010.  This portfolio is not yet complete.

Each photograph is a composite of multiple individual photographs to create a whole.  Some are composites of just two images, while others contain over 40 individual parts.  This allows for larger scale images, and a unique perspective that you do not see from just one single photograph.  Here I have the freedom to decide the confines of the viewfinder.  Enjoy!

"Antelope Canyon 1" Arizona

"Antelope Canyon 2" Arizona

"Antelope Canyon 3" Arizona

"Badlands NP 1" South Dakota

"Badlands NP 2" South Dakota

"Badlands NP 3" South Dakota

"Badlands NP 4" South Dakota

"Coconino NF 1" Arizona

"Coconino NF 2" Arizona

"Coconino NF 3" Arizona

"Grand Canyon NP" Arizona

"Kaibab NF 1" Arizona

"Kaibab NF 2" Arizona

"Coconino NF 4" Arizona

"Mono Lake 1" California

"Mono Lake 2" California

"Mono Lake 3" California

"Yosemite NP" California

"Yellowstone 1" Wyoming

"Grand Teton NP 1" Wyoming

"Yellowstone NP 2" Wyoming

"Yellowstone NP 3" Wyoming

"Yellowstone NP 4" Wyoming

"Yellowstone NP 5" Wyoming

"Yellowstone NP 6" Wyoming